Soundsets for Roland SH-201 and Novation Mininova & Ultranova synthesizers by RCS


for Novation Mininova/Ultranova synthesizers
Value: 18 EUR

How to get this soundset?

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Audio demo:

After a year of working on sounds, there is another brand new 128(!) presets for trance/edm production! Inspired by modern trance hits you hear on ASOT shows and in best of trance mixes! Clicky sharp leads, serious sawleads, lush pads, basses, fillers, acid leads, sfx and much more! Lift your songs to higher level with this soundset! Grab your copy now! The price is friendly, the value is high!

Demo on soundcloud: Click here to listen

The full soundset contains 128 up to date ready-to-use complex patches: 61 LEADS, 23 BASSES/MIDBASSES/SUBS, 18 FILLER/MIDBASS LEADS, 15 PADS, 4 DRUMS and 7 SFX sounds! Almost all patches are velocity sensitivity and have complex modulations and ready-to-use fx routings for maximum performance to your trance productions! Animate function to cut the unnecessary sub frequency range, mod-wheel expression functions and more! No doubt, this is far the best price/value trance soundset for your Novation Mininova/Ultranova synthesizer!

Important information for Novation Ultranova users: All Mininova/Ultranova patches are tested on Mininova synthesizer ONLY!

According to Novation's support site: "MiniNova and UltraNova patches can be installed on either a MiniNova or an UltraNova, and they should sound similar, if not the same. Due to slight differences between the two synths, there may be subtle differences between the patches. If you have an UltraNova you can install MiniNova patches to it and if you have a MiniNova you can install UltraNova patches to it."

In some cases if you use Ultranova synthesizer, few patches can behave differently, despite the 100% compatibility between the two synths (it mainly depends on the firmware version, it is always recommended to install the newest version). Please be aware of that before proceed to have my soundsets. Once I sent you the pack(s), cant roll it back.

Complete patch list:

No.    Patch name

0    SFX Starfall(welcome patch)
1    LD Supertrance
2    LD clicky
3    LD plucky
4    LD clearsky
5    LD clearskyplck
6    LD feelthewave
7    LD massive
8    LD castamara
9    LD bouncy
10    LD Analog2
11    LD autumnleaves
12    LD linkingppl
13    LD distorted
14    LD impactor
15    LD warmsaw
16    LD bassdist
17    LDTriptoNowhere
18    LD impactor2
19    LD loveisadrug
20    LD Supersaw1
21    LD Supersaw2
22    LD Supersaw3
23    LD Supersaw4
24    LD Supersaw5
25    LD Supersaw6
26    LD highlead
27    LD highlead2
28    LD highlead3
29    LD eastern
30    LD dirty1
31    LD pwm
32    LD bpsaw
33    LD acidarp
34    LD acid3
35    LD dirtyAcid1
36    LD bubblebass
37    LD Plasticpipe
38    LD arp/bass
39    LD clickyOrgan
40    LD hardtrance
41    LD hardtrance2
42    LD hardtrance3
43    LD trancearp1
44    LD trancy2
45    LD perclead
46    LD acidbomb
47    LD flatface
48    LD notsandstorm
49    LD crunchy1
50    LD lfo1
51    LD lfo2
52    LD lfo4pluck
53    LD lfo3
54    LD Awakening
55    LD Awakening2
56    LD Junohit
57    LD smoothmono
58    LD moogie
59    LD plucky3
60    LD Chariots
61    LD gritty
62    BS Analogviolenc
63    BS fatanalog
64    BS phasingbass
65    BS arisen
66    BS vanguard
67    BS vanguard2
68    BS warp me
69    BS digibass
70    BS balearicbass
71    BS Crystalla
72    BS psybasser
73    BS naksibraner
74    BS classicBass
75    BS sqrbass1
76    BS impactbass
77    BS bassoftheday
78    BS midbass1
79    BS midbass2
80    BS sub1
81    BS sub2
82    BS sub3
83    BS sub4
84    BS sub5
85    FLR lofi1
86    FLR lofi2
87    FLR filler1
88    FLR filler2
89    FLR filler3
90    FLR filler4
91    FLR filler6
92    FLR filler7
93    FLR filler8LFO
94    FLR filler9
95    FLR filler10
96    FLR filler12
97    FLR agressor
98    FLR psyched
99    FLR bplead1
100    FLR bplead2
101    FLR bplead3  
102    FLR bplead4
103    SYN dxheaven
104    PD gatoredanthem
105    PD bigspace
106    PD hollowpad2
107    PD hollowpad5th
108    PD euphoric
109    P D wooahstring
110    PD detunedatmo
111    PD Xpander
112    PD Uplifting
113    PD canyon
114    PD gatedstring
115    PD traveller
116    PD foreverinlove
117    PD subpad
118    DRM kick1
119    DRM kick2
120    DRM kick3
121    DRM hat1
122    SFX hit
123    SFX break
124    SFX break2
125    SFX sub hit
126    SFX swpdown
127    SFX SweepDown

If you would like to have this soundset or want to ask anything, please contact me on facebook ( or send me an email:!

All patches are royalty free and created by Csaba Rozgonyi, entirely on the actual hardware (Roland SH-201, Novation Mininova).
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