Soundsets for Roland SH-201 and Novation Mininova & Ultranova synthesizers by RCS


Nova Essential Trance Soundset Vol 1.
for Novation Mininova/Ultranova synthesizers
Value: 15 EUR

How to get this soundset?

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Audio demo:

Over hundred fresh patches of leads, synths, basses, pads, arps and sound fx inspired by classics and the most recent trance records. Deep basses, plucky leads and smooth pads for trance/edm/electronic production. All patches include various effects(EQ, chorus/phaser, delay, reverb, compression and distortion) to make them more inspiring and ready to use. Most of the patches equipped with modwheel function and key velocity sensitivity for more flexibility.

Important information for Novation Ultranova users: All Mininova/Ultranova patches are tested on Mininova synthesizer ONLY!

According to Novation's support site: "MiniNova and UltraNova patches can be installed on either a MiniNova or an UltraNova, and they should sound similar, if not the same. Due to slight differences between the two synths, there may be subtle differences between the patches. If you have an UltraNova you can install MiniNova patches to it and if you have a MiniNova you can install UltraNova patches to it."

In some cases if you use Ultranova synthesizer, few patches can behave differently, despite the 100% compatibility between the two synths (it mainly depends on the firmware version, it is always recommended to install the newest version). Please be aware of that before proceed to have my soundsets. Once I sent you the pack(s), cant roll it back.
If you would like to have this soundset or want to ask anything, please contact me on facebook ( or send me an email:!

All patches are royalty free and created by Csaba Rozgonyi, entirely on the actual hardware (Roland SH-201, Novation Mininova).
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