Soundsets for Roland SH-201 and Novation Mininova & Ultranova synthesizers by RCS


How to get my soundsets?
If you would like to get my soundsets, please support my work.
Its possible via Paypal. I spent a lots of time to make these soundsets in the last few years, as a hobby.

If you want one or more of them, then

a) use the paypal button in the item's page;

b) just send a small amount of support(you find it in the the actual soundset's details) via Paypal. Please let me know which soundset you choosed and your valid email address (its very important!), leave a note when you are done with it.
I send you the package(s) as soon as possible after got the notification.

c) If you want to ask anything before you proceed or just want to contact me to make sure anything, there are the options:
Send me an email (
Send a message me on my facebook page:

IMPORTANT! Before you proceed to have any of my soundsets, please first make sure that your synthesizer's drivers and software are installed and working properly on your system! (Roland SH-201: SH-201 editor standalone/vst version, SH-201 librarian. Novation Ultranova/Mininova: ultranova/mininova librarian app) Once I sent you the pack(s), I can't roll back.

All patches are royalty free and created by Csaba Rozgonyi, entirely on the actual hardware (Roland SH-201, Novation Mininova).
Contacts: Click here My facebook page: Visit my Youtube channel:

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